Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Fun

It is hard to believe it is already the middle of July, especially since today it only got in the high 60's in Lexington. I told Kan that I felt like we should be making some chili and settling in for a night of football! I used to LOVE summer...I could lay by the pool with a good book all day and actually enjoy the heat. However, the older I get, the more I like the cooler weather...not winter so much, but fall and spring. Today reminded me of fall and I am trying not to wish away the rest of the summer because I know that once we get through fall we embrace winter.

I have still not figured out this entire blog thing. It is hard to keep up with along with facebook. Plus, I am not sure if I have many interesting things to write about. For the past week I have had trouble sleeping. It is not that I can't sleep, but when I do sleep I have the strangest dreams that are very real and not always pleasant. Kan seems to think it is due to our life right now being a little unsettled. Who knows. Whatever it is, I hope they stop.

I have posted a few photos of our summer thus far. We have had a great summer. We took Miyako on her first beach trip to Isle of Palm, SC for a couple of days. She also gets to go to Topsails, NC the first week of August with Kan's American family. Miyako and I also visited a Japanese park in Georgetown, KY with our friends Amanda and Emma Jane Hurley. Kan never knew it existed and it was located 2 miles from where he went to college!

Miyako is now 8 months old. So hard to believe. She is into everything, crawling everywhere and wanting desperately to walk but is not quite there yet. Enjoy photos of our summer so far.

My friend, who is a faithful blogger, recently wrote me and told me not to give up on the blog, so Julie, here is a post in honor of you...I will commit to being more faithful to the blog even if I do not always think I have interesting things to say. :)