Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fun with Grandma, days 1, 2, and 3

Grandma Hill, my mom, is visiting from Lexington, Kentucky right now. She found her way to our apartment from Narita airport on her own. Thankfully she had our number to call because the cab driver was not too sure where the address was. I was able to communicate with him in my broken Japanese. And she made it! The hubs was away the day she arrived for work so I would not have been much help at the airport trying to pull suitcases and push a stroller, so we opted for the taxi option. On Thursday, we took her to two of our favorite parks and to get our first round of flu shots for the kids. The doctor is located in Hiroo, so she got to play with us at Arisagaya park and we had a picnic lunch at Robot park in Roppongi Hills. She also got to attend Miss M's sports class on Thursday afternoon. Friday we went to the K Man's music class in the morning, had lunch at our favorite bakery in Toyosu, and visited the gas museum. She also got to try her first Melonpanna bread while we watch Anpanman on Friday afternoons. On Saturday, I got to take Grandma to Kappabashi dori for some pottery shopping while Daddy stayed home with the kids. After the K Man's nap we went to walk around Skytree, the new Tokyo tower. It has been built for quite awhile but we still had not been out there yet. It has a huge mall with an aquarium so Grandma took us to see the fish. We did not go up in the tower as it was starting to rain and we did not want to wait in the line to not see it on a clear night. But it was a pretty amazing sight to take in. I hope to go back in the winter on a clear day, but as my husband says, we live on the 48th floor so all I have to do is look out our balcony for a nice view. :) Today it has been raining all day so we have stayed inside and played before heading to church in a bit. Enjoy the pictures. I am sure we will have more to come with our visit!

Fall Pumpkin Fun 2013/Scrapbook Day October 2013

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with some friends last weekend. Naturally the kids had a ball. We took the opportunity to go in the greenhouse located at the grounds. Miss M had a lot of fun pretending she was in a forest with dinosaurs. We enjoyed picnic lunch outside and some fun fellowship with friends. The next day was the 13th of the month, so scrapbook day for this year. It fell on a Sunday. Our church does not meet until 3 in the afternoon, so Sundays are typically a morning of rest. We chat with grandparents back home via Skype or other family members, watch plenty of cartoons, sip coffee leisurely through the morning, and somehow we still manage to be late to church and hailing a taxi to get there on time! On this particular day, the K Man took a late nap and Miss M and I went to church on our own. We love our church. I cannot say enough about it. God has richly blessed us with a fabulous community and a church home here in Tokyo, something we thought we would have a hard time finding. He is good and faithful to His children. After church, we had some friends over for pizza and to watch an American football game. It was a relaxing day filled with fellowship and sweet time as a family. Enjoy the pictures of the pumpkin patch. I also threw in some pictures of the kids enjoying some fabulous pumpkin spice cookies all the way from Texas. Thank you, cyberspace friend M, for sending us the delicious fall cookies and mama some pumpkin spiced latte mix from Starbucks. You are the BEST! Life, friends, is good.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A few weeks ago I promised the kids a trip to Asobono. The day I had promised was a poor weather day and I really did not want to get out in the muggy rain. But afterwards, I was glad we went. The kids had a blast. Miss M is really into doll babies right now. She loved the doll section, changing their clothes, brushing their hair, and putting them to bed. The K Man loved the trains and jumping and trying to play fish. I love Asobono but it is hard to go there as a single parent when your kids are interested in different things because it is SO big! But we had fun nonetheless. Enjoy the pictures.


Last week one night I went to a late class of hot yoga and left daddy in charge of putting the kids to bed. When I came home, I found pure sweetness with my kids. Love them. That is all.