Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sakura 2016

On Tuesday I enjoyed Sakura at Nakameguro with a good friend. The trees were not full bloom yet but we enjoyed strolling, the atmosphere, lunch in a random cafe on a side street, and the annual Sakura champagne. On Wednesday I took the kids to their favorite park for is at Oji station and is a little hidden gem for kids in Tokyo. It was a beautiful day, and once again the atmosphere was amazing. We all came home tired and dirty from the playing outside. Today, yet another beautiful day to be outside. We picnicked along the Sumida River near our place and the kids played. The K man had fun catching tadpoles with his friend. He told me they were slimy. Miss m made up games with her friend. And the J man had loads of fun in the dirt, eating sand, and smiling at anyone who would take notice of him. Sakura season is like the March Madness of Japan. Everyone predicts when the blooms will make full appearance and plan accordingly. There is a lightness in the city that cannot be explained unless you live here and experience it for yourself. But once those petals fall in a week or so depending on if rain comes or not, the city goes back to its hectic pace. For now, we will enjoy the relaxed pace if only for a few days. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kiyosumi Gardens and The Modern Art Museum

On Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful weather and ventured to the Kiyosumi gardens. It was a small garden, but perfect for small children to explore. Our kids especially enjoyed feeding the koi and ducks.  Then we took a walk through a new part of the city and found the Modern Art Museum. They were having a Pixar exhibit so after a milkshake and coffee break we enjoyed the exhibit. By the time we got home, we had three very tired children. And two tired adults. It was a great way to enjoy a Saturday.