Monday, May 30, 2016

More Knoxville Fun

We continue to have more fun in Knoxville. The kids enjoying checking Opah's animal trap each morning. We've caught a raccoon that looked pregnant and a possum. We also are watching the baby birds that hatched in the carport grow and develop. We took the kids to a science museum in Oak Ridge. We also introduced them to a slip n slide, catching lightening bugs, tea parties and Neyland Stadium. We spent a day at the Knoxville Zoo. They enjoyed the splash park and riding a camel. The quote of the day was while watching the papa gorilla the K man said, "Look, his rump looks just like ours." We all got quite the laugh from that.

Knoxville Fun!

We've been having fun in Knoxville visiting the husbands American family. We took them to play putt putt for the first time ever. We also took them on a hike around the Tennessee River at a nature center. They complained a lot of the way but in the end they had a good time and are looking forward to more outdoor adventures in Colorado. Today we took them downtown to Market Square to have lunch and play in the fountains. It is a lot of fun visiting family and making sweet memories with our kids.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

More fun in Kentucky

We have been having lots of fun in Kentucky. We visited the local children's museum and a children's garden at the arboretum. We've been flying kites, riding mowers or driving them as the K man likes to do, feeding ducks or chasing them like the K man likes to do, drawing freely with chalk, and buying a car! Lots of changes, lots of fun. Miss m told me yesterday she misses Tokyo and her friends so we decided to draw Tokyo with sidewalk chalk. We drew Tokyo station, KDDI where our church meets, and the bus stop that we took home after church. It helped her to remember it and she drew in her friends at church playing. Enjoy the pictures.