Thursday, January 21, 2016

Scrapbook day 1/16/2016

Scrapbook day for the first month of 2016 has come and gone. It fell on a Saturday this month. I am a bit behind on the blog but hope to catch up this weekend. The kids and I travelled to Melbourne, Australia for ten days to visit our dear friends we met while living in Tokyo. We had just returned home on the 15th on a red eye flight, arriving in Tokyo at 10 in the morning. To say mama was exhausted is an understatement. So, Saturday on our scrapbook day, we did not do much of anything. The kids relaxed at home playing with their toys. We went to the mall next door for lunch and enjoyed some udon noodles and onigiri. We followed up with a Japanese curry dinner, we and filled the kids with foods they had missed while in Melbourne. Mama took a nap and caught a yoga class. Miss m had a make up art lesson where she drew a bird. She followed up with painting it this week. Daddy and the K man ventured to a local park to try out our new boomerang. After the kids were put in bed, mama and daddy started a new show to binge watch, Homeland. All in all it was a great day and it was so nice to spend the day together as a family after a ten day separation. The pictures below are current from this sleeping in a hotel one night outside Melbourne, kids on the plane before we take off, and the J man at home in Tokyo showing off his skills of pulling himself up.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


We added to the Christmas fun and it extended it to New Years fun. We enjoyed New Years Eve with friends who have four little girls! Miss M had a ball playing dress up with her friends. The K Man felt a bit left out since he was the only boy next to the J Man. But he managed! Oh, and the J Man stood up for the first time pulling himself up on NYE! We got home around 8, put the kids to bed, and enjoyed the Japanese lack of entertainment on TV for New Years. Seriously it is the worst New Years tv known to man and we laugh through all of it. Then we counted down and listened to the boats on the Tokyo bay toot their horns. Usually Tokyo tower puts the new year in lights on, but they did not do it this year. We were quite disappointed. We spent New Year's Day being lazy in pajamas, taking a family walk and enjoying our traditional Japanese New Year food. Normally we just fix what the husband enjoyed as a kid, but this year we ordered an osechi set with more food than we could eat. The kids tried some of it and enjoyed the red caviar the best. Daddy was happy because this is one of his favorites! It was beautiful and delicious and fun to enjoy with the kids. I do not have anything worthwhile to say about the New Year...I have not thought too much about it to be honest. My only hope is that as a family we love Jesus more this time next year than what we do today and live authentically for Him and His glory...what more could one want than to fall more in love with our Savior?