Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Fun

The weather is already HOT! We are trying to stay outside as much as we can before it gets hotter. Last week while K Man was in sports class, Miss M and I found some fun water she could play in. She said next time we need to wear bathing suits. I think it will become a weekly event while the K Man has class. She loved it. Today we went to the K Man's school for his birthday celebration. It was for all birthdays during the month of May. Turns out the other little boy was absent so the class celebrated the K Man by himself. The principal came and presented him with a card that the teacher made and did a magic trick for the kids. They made a pretend cake and acted like they were eating it. Then Mama got to give him a big hug. It was quite special and the card was super cute. The J Man is 12 weeks old now, and he just tags along with everyone else. He is such an easy going baby. I thought the K Man was laid back as a baby, but J is even more so. I am so thankful for how relaxed he is. I am not sure I could handle more chaos! :) He is giving me longer stretches of sleep, which is nice, waking up anywhere between 3-7, depending on the night. I wish there was a bit more consistency but I will take the random nights of good sleep. We are down to three more weeks of kindergarden for Miss M. I am counting down the days. We are only taking a two week break, but a break will be nice nonetheless. Daddy is busy with work and helping out at church. So, not much new to report. But I did have some fun pics I wanted to document so here you go.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5/15/15 - Scrapbook Day

Scrapbook day for May fell on a Friday. This Friday particularly I had my last doctor appointment for awhile, I hope. The doctor took my bloodwork and once he has the results will determine if I need to be on the blood thinner after 30 more days. If I can go off the blood thinner, then I am clear from the doctor until next year for a yearly exam. YAY! On Fridays Miss M goes to soccer. Today, the K Man had a trial soccer lesson before her class with second and third year youchien kids. Although the other kids were 5 years old, and  he is only 4, he did great and had a lot of fun! They said he could join that class or a 4 year old class on Tuesday or Thursday. We opted to put him with the older kids since he is bigger, and I want to combine our activities as much as possible so I do not have to tote three kids around to so many different places. We actually biked to soccer and Miss M biked over a huge bridge by herself. I was so proud of her. We had to walk some of it, but she did a great job. After soccer the kids were fairly worn out, so we ate a quick dinner, baths and then bed. Enjoy the pics from our scrapbook day and other adventures from this particular week in May, 2015.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Golden Week Fun

Here are some more photos from our better camera of the parks we went to during Golden Week. Daddy has a good eye with the camera. Enjoy!

K Man Turns 4!

Last Saturday the K Man turned four. We had a small birthday party for him in the park behind our building with a Mickey Mouse cake. My goal with my kids is to keep things simple. This party was simple. We basically let the kids play, ate some cake, let them play some more. And they all loved it! The highlight was the water gun fight with all the kids fighting Mr. P. It was so funny watching them. The K Man is turning into a funny little guy. He is a little comedian and keeps us laughing. He LOVES youchien and enjoys having his little buddies to hang with at school. The teacher said he tends to act like the big brother, even though they are all the same age, but he looks about twice as big as his buddies at school. He is a big boy and the husband joked tonight he needs to make more money to feed these boys we have! The K Man loves his sister, and he also loves annoying her. He knows what makes her mad and you can see his wheels spinning when he tries to give her a hard time. In spite of his antics, he is very sweet and loves it when they play together. They both love pretend play and he will often be in dress up clothes or acting like a dog named Grettle. He is still doing sports class and loves his teacher, Gu Sensei. His Japanese is coming along nicely and you will often hear him playing on his own speaking both Japanese and English. He loves people, trains, buses, guns...basically all things boy. He also loves climbing in mama and daddy's bed. I am usually so tired that I do not realize he came in until I wake up in the morning. He loves his little brother J, and often you can find him kissing J or rubbing his head. For being such a big boy he has a very soft heart. It is fun watching his personality develop. I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes this very special boy. Happy fourth birthday K Man!