Monday, August 31, 2009

Groundhog Day

Being at home full-time sometimes feels like Groundhog Day to me. It seems like I do the same thing every day...get up, feed a baby, play with baby, baby naps and I shower, feed a baby, play with baby, baby naps, I try to do something productive, feed a get the point. I guess when I "worked full-time" outside the home I did the same thing, although my daily schedule at work was always something different. As I write this though, I realize it was like Groundhog Day too. All of this to say, life is too short to feel like you are in the movie Groundhog Day. We are meant to enjoy life. It will not always be easy and there will be hard times, but we are created to live life to the fullest and enjoy each day.

In light of this, I am trying to do something fun with Miyako every day so that we do not get in the trap of doing the same thing day in and day out. We are fortunate to have two parks within walking distance of our house so every day we spend part of our time enjoying nature, walking to the park, and swinging. Miyako LOVES the swings! Today was special because we went to two parks. The first one we enjoyed with friends. The second one, we enjoyed with Papa. One advantage to my husband's travelling is when he is home, he gets to work from home, so we enjoyed a nice walk together with Miyako. The weather is turning cool, fall is approaching, and the sun is shining. It was a good day. Tomorrow's activity is lunch with a friend...just one activity a day that is a little different, gets us outside the house, and change up the pace a little bit. If anyone has any suggestions for fun things to do with an almost 10 month old, I welcome them. I am sure we will also go to the park tomorrow...of course, in that sense I am creating my own Groundhog Day, but she enjoys it so we will do it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Pros of My Husband Traveling...

My husband travels a lot with his job and this current trip seems like an eternity even though it is only 12 days. Rather than focusing on the negative about not having him home, I will focus on the positive of him being laundry day on Monday consisted of only 2 loads versus 3 or 4; I can fix a bowl of cereal for dinner and prep time, eat time and clean up time is about 15 minutes; I can go to bed at nine PM and not get laughed at by the night owl in the family who stays up pretty late working...I think this is it. Not very many positives. I am getting tired of this traveling business and want him home.

On a fun note, Miyako and I have done some cool things this week while he has been gone. She loves the swings and there are two neighborhood parks within a 15 minute walk from our house. We have made a walk to the park a daily adventure for us. It gets us some fresh air and gives me a time during the day when I am not chasing her around the house. We also went to a Japanese festival on Saturday. It was very cool. They had traditional Japanese dancers, a Japanese Idol contest, and traditional games that kids play in Japan. I bought her three books, one of which is bilingual, to add more books to her Japanese shelf. When my husband gets home with the gadgets for uploading pictures, I will post some.

My friend told me I need to post more about our day to day life and even the frustrations of our being separated from our papa a lot, but I do not want to do that too often and dwell on the negative. We do have a job and God has provided it for us for this time in our lives. Hopefully it will not be forever, but even if it is, it is God's sovereign plan for us and that is what I can truly rest in when I get frustrated, lonely or sad.