Saturday, May 20, 2017

April scrapbook day and highlights

During the April scrapbook day it fell on a Monday, which is the beginning of the work and school week. We did school and enjoyed a book club for homeschooling kids in the afternoon. Mama also turned 40 in April. It was a week of festivities including dinner out with girlfriends from church, dinner out with the husband and our friends from college who are now our neighbors, and seeing The Jungle Book at the Denver Childrens Theater followed with dessert at cheesecake factory. It was a great way to turn 40. The best gift is that the husband is sending me to San Francisco and Napa Valley for a long weekend in June with two girlfriends from Colorado. I am very excited for a weekend away from daily responsibilities. We hosted Culture club about Japan in April and I also attended a field trip with the kids to the Air Musuem in Denver. It reminded me a lot of Wright Patterson Air Force Base where I went several times growing up with my grandparents who lives in Dayton. It was fun to spend a day with them on a field trip and see them interact with their friends at their co op. Below are some highlights from the month of April.

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