Saturday, May 20, 2017

K Man Turns 6

The K Man turned six on May 2nd. He is into all things Star Wars even though he has never seen the movies. So, we did a Star Wars themed birthday party with a few friends. I found these plastic light sabers at Walmart for $2 and recruited our neighbor friends' sons to come do a fight with the K Man and his friends. It was a very low key party and the K Man had a lot of fun. We had the cutest star wars cupcakes and such a good day. On his actual birthday he had his co op and they were performing their puppet shows so we got to watch the kids in action and take cup cakes. Then we went to our church community group and they celebrated him there with cupcakes again. K Man is such a sweet boy. He is all boy and loves to play but he also has a sensitive side to him. It takes him time to warm up to people and he likes smaller groups as opposed to large group events. He is learning to read and is doing great in school at home. He observes a lot and is careful to jump into things. I am so proud of the young man he is growing up to be and cannot wait to see what God does in his life.

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