Saturday, May 20, 2017

February Scrapbook Day and Highlights

Scrapbook Day for February fell on a Friday. If I remember correctly Daddy had been traveling that week as Miss M missed him terribly on Valentines Day. She was encouraged when he remembered to send us flowers. Fridays we are usually pretty worn out so we had a low key evening. We had our first skiing lesson for the kids the next day so it was to bed early so we could get going early the next morning. We found a system with skiing as we ate breakfast in the car, dropped the kids off, and then went back to the car to get ourselves ready to ski for the day. On our drive home from Eldora we stopped every week at a little gas station to get a juice and treat. The first two weeks the kids fell asleep on the way home. But after that, they adjusted pretty quickly and had loads of energy the entire way home. We also celebrated the J Man in February with his second birthday. We had a few little friends over from church to eat cupcakes with us and help us celebrate him. He is turning into quite the little character. He has no fear of anything, loves dogs, loves people, and loves to be outside. His two favorite words are no and mine. I guess he had to learn those pretty quickly with the older kids in the house. He has shaggy long hair that I always think we should cut but I never want to because it is like his signature trade mark. He has a twinkle in his eye that illuminates the room and we just love him to pieces. Here are some highlight pictures of February.

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